I’m an atheist, but Jewish customs interest me, so I made this:

If give out the packed .blend file to anyone who wants it, provided they give me hosting (it’s about 500KB.)

edit: Oh, and this is my first post here and my first model in Blender. Yes, I know the lighting needs work, but I gave up trying to position spot lights exactly and just stuck with a couple point lights.

Hello !
Good work for a first model ! Are you using an envmap texture to do the reflection on the table ? If yes, try to increase the clipsize. Or try to use the new raytacing feature.
And add shadows with a spot if you’re unsing a non-ratracing release of Blender or just trun on Ray button on render panel and lamp panel

Don’t forget to post update !!


nice menora.

Don’t use environment mapping, use ray-racing! :smiley:

How fast is Ray racing?

ANYwho, I just want to say that the reflection seems… crooked (can’t quite find the word to describe it)… And also it looks like the wood grain is going in two different dirrections