Chaos Emergency *2015*

Yes the game is still in development.
Here is a new video showing the main character locomotion so far with one of
the outdoor levels i am currently working on, in standalone the game runs 60fps 1080p 4x AA

(A little about the game)
Its all a memory, Chaos Emergency is about a soldier coming home on leave but when he arrives at the train station he discovers its been abandoned, all he wants to do is go home to his
wife and child but he finds himself caught in nightmare.
The town has been infected with a outbreak, little does he know his wife and kids are a implanted memory
and he is in a massive artificial test chamber to create the ultimate soldier.

I have a ton of props to be remade as i`m now good at baking textures and understand
more about what hits performance, items i will be remaking are.
Construction kit, cones, traffic lights, cars, garbage, street elements.

These are the animations i will be adding soon.
*Machine Gun

At the moment i`m thinking of going with either a top down or TPS.

Glad to see you back!

I have learned a ton since you left,

let me know if you need anything

second : you need to blend into idle better (Tis to snappy)

uhhh the character looks great with its movements

Definitely, i`m going to make a idle always and hope it blends better, all work in progress :slight_smile:

I use python now,

and a system to pipe controls a list from a controller to a actor.

its called master control mouse,

This makes a state machine, as well as allows you to swap actors.

also, all of the logic us in 1 python script that is very easy to read and is very light on resources.

Great animations, blending is not ok, but it’s easy fix. One of the most important things in a game is the animations, even models and graphics is not as important as animations, so you a doing great job on this.
A hint for future development - you will start having performance issues, when you add the enemies with their AI and animations. Blender weakest spot is the bone-vertext transformations, so many bones(many enemies)=slower performance…much more slower than adding anything else, like lights, particles,logic etc.

Great work blue print will have too check it out.
The animations are coming along nice and need a lot more tweaking but i need to find a better
way to blend them as logic is poop :confused:

Yes haidme, i noticed this 2 years ago when i started out with my prototype, i will keep
zombies and soldiers simple when it comes to the bones.

Nice you got locomotion working, although you could demonstrate it better with another terain. Character model looks great!

i think the arms could spread out a little more midway through strides in the run animation, but other than that and the blending issue it is very fluid! :yes: kudos

I might rag doll the character up, if i knew how and had time :slight_smile:
I really need help blending the layers with each other so there not “Snappy”
Any pointers ? and im using logic because im too lazy to learn python and
don`t have time lol.

I can tell you aobut ragdolling: very difficult stuff, can’t figure out myself how to make it behave normal when I try to animate it…:frowning: