Chaos System: Space combat

Started this game a while back then put it on the shelf for a while, this video is mostly just a test of the game mechanics its still a little glitchy. Any input is greatly appreciated.


speed-scroll wheel
rail gun-left mouse button
Missiles-right mouse button
lasers- scroll wheel button

A space combat game is a great project to begin seriously learning the BGE. I may do a tutorial one day on making a simple space combat sim as I think more people should start with that as it’s easy and fun to make and play.

I have a some constructive criticism. right now, most of the game view is being taken up by the player ship, but the player ship is not what you will need to be able to see. What is around the ship is going to be what’s important here, so thin carefully about where the camera should be in relation to the player ship.

I made a space game once awhile ago, here is a video of it if you would like some ideas.