Chaotic jobs, how to handle them

I’ll be rough. It’s better.

He doesn’t

Wave them good bye

Sounds like having a weak personality

Surely agree. Not being able of a good time planning for a job is a clear sign of incompetence.

Incredible, never been thinking something like this could happen in the progressive Germany. Sounds more like from a third-world hellish country.

Geez, this is the best of them all. The shorter the timeline, the more prefab you have to use. It’s not time you learn; it’s time they learn. They clearly have no clues about the job.

Solution: fire yourself, work as a freelancer, establish your times and paycheck. Offer them no escapes; this are the times for the job, this is the price, take it or loose it. Go find someone else.
Or find another job. Being free in being in charge of managing costs, and that means many things.

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reading your story …
You point out that you do need good assets to create good results in a short time span. That does not make you ignorant, in contrary!
This amount of irresponsibility of those ‘above’ you does make me angry.

It does look like that some of your superiors do lack some basic human values. Like empathy or respect.

If someone consistently does not consider your point of view valid, it becomes very difficult to resolve conflicts. Any conflict might be used to conclude that there is something wrong with you. I guess, this label “ignorant” might be this kind of pattern.

To me it looks like you are exposed to people who are not healthy for you and your arts.

Yes that is normal when working for other people. Some will be more adept in project planning than others but this is an unfortunate reality.

I personally recommend that you buy the add-ons and the assets with your own money, and use them for the projects, not the best idea, but you will be in a better place with helper tools in place. This will probably be help you with lowering work stress.

@Cloud2405 Plenty of advice from others in this thread on things to do. I want to encourage you that you have what it takes to accomplish what ever path you choose.

You can do this. You can overcome difficulties and meet challenges to achieve a goal. How do I know this? I know from what you have written. You do it all the time in your current work situation. Apply that determination, ingenuity, skill, perseverance and other strengths to making your situation better.

That company is mismanaged. Nothing there is going to improve. Find a job at another company or prepare yourself to freelance. Then leave. Imagine what you can do with those strengths in a productive and supportive work environment.

There aren’t many jobs in your area? There is a planet covered with remote work. Create a job! Go freelance or start your own business.

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Horrible story. True, archwiz is notorious as very stressful profession but this is too much.
Most stress come from customers which sometime demand changes even when project is already sent to render. And there is not just camera angle, crowd, traffic, plants are already animated, but studio must change almost everything… like yesterday.
I know many people which work in archviz, more or less there is not so many stress between people, maybe because I know Professional studios which are own by professionals. Although, there are exceptions… Especially in last time when some studios follow trend to hire HR,PR and other garbage.
It’s better to search for another job, keep this “job” until find something else. Better to leave on your own than to be exploited and fired on the end. This situation can’t end well. Soon you leave it’s better.

And No, avoid to buy stuff with your money. Never. Don’t give them idea. And if you buy something take care that this REMAIN YOUR PRO{ERTY. Some people make this mistake.
In normal situation this is not so bad idea sometime, but your workplace is not normal.

You are kind of right. I think about it. Luckily Blender is for free and most of the Add Ons are quite cheap. Yes its kinda stupid but I avoids much of trouble. But I think I don’t tell them which tools I use, because they don’t know better. They only see a productivity and quality improvement, which I use in the next interview.

Thanks for your kind words. Indeed I am building up a side income. Who knows perhaps it could make me independent. As for now, I need to make the best out of my situation.

Good. Keep going. Like stepping on rocks to cross a stream it is sometimes best to keep one foot firmly on a rock as the other steps.

Make the best of current situation: endurance, perseverance, determination. It will help to remember that you are doing that for yourself ("…which I use in the next interview").

Side income: Set a goal to develop that into full time self employment and independence. Not just make some extra money, or “who knows”, but apply your strengths to THE goal of a better job and a better life.

Now back to doing that myself … let’s see … pile of paperwork … doing it for myself …