Chaotic Order, this is what happens when you spin cube duplicates

In life, there is chaos
There is no hope of order
You’re surrounded in a sea of madness
And you are no indifferent from the rest
But yet, you look closer
You look all around
There is yet a since of order
That is yet to be found.

Started with a cube, spun dup in a circle, then spin dup that in a circle, then spun dup that in a circle, this was as far as I could go without getting Blender to choke on me. While it may look chaotic, there is an actual pattern.

NOTE: Since I spent only 15 minutes on this I felt it would be more at home in the tests section.

are you kansas15?

edit: bah yes you are

Didn’t you see the off topic thread I posted that said “I am Kansas_15” back in June?

I still haven’t gotton around to getting the album name changed.

wow. is this an actual picture of your personality? btw I see more dragon than cyborg

You need to flip the normals on that cube near the middle - next to the brown one.

just looking through your gallery - my favorites are Entanglement and Revolving into madness, no texture effect. Nice stuff. Very MC Escher.

do you really have 172 images in it?

When you discount the two avatar images and count alternate renderings then yes I have about 170 images.

If you like my new abstract works (this counts to everyone) then I encourage you post in the appropriate topics in the Finished projects forum.