Chaotic speakers

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Hey i’m new(ish) to blender but really am enjoying it i used a program before called pro-desktop which is sort of the same but more designed for CAD CAM work.
I’m using blender 1.65 (old i know) and i am making a speaker, but everytime i extrude the speaker holes back to give it some depth it takes part of the cabinet with it and the points are not selected and it is not parented to the rest of the speaker.

So i need help!

I have two speakers in the cabinet which are nurb circles and the cabinet is a nurb circle which i have made into a rectangle and extruded back. The whole thing selects when i come out of edit mode which is normal but when i convert it into a mesh it messes up by joining the two speakers together, is this going to be a case of me deleteing each face which is joined to it or can i save myself alot of time somehow?

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1st - download a newer version! Only place I can recall by hart is

2nd - Cannot get your point exactly, but my advice is to disintegrate the nurbs and use conventional meshes, subsurfed if you need…


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Here is a tutorial done by Iceman’s son, Gene, a couple of years back. I imagine you will find it very useful since it deals with making a loudspeaker.

(Millhouse) #4

Thats the tutorial i used to begin with i made that no problems but between the two speakers themselves when i extrude i get a sort of gap between them.

I have found someone with a more upto date copy which i have installed i now have 2.23 much better but i still get the same problem i think its just the way i’m doing it. It could actually be that i’m extruding both at teh same time, i’ll try one at a time tonight and see what happens

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If I understand you correctly the whole thing, cabinent and speakers are in one object? If so you can separate each part and then convert them to meshes individually. This will keep the speakers separate. To do this:
-go into edit mode (Tab)
-select the vertices of the part you want to separate
-hit the ‘p’ key
-confirm you want to separate
-repeat for other parts you want to separate
-Then convert each piece to a mesh. This should give you 3 separate meshes

If that’s not what you needed, then we need more details to see what you’re trying to do.
Have fun!

(Millhouse) #6

I sorted it i seperated the individual parts which has also allowed me to apply different textures and colours to teh various parts.

I rebuilt it from scratch and converted the speakers into normal meshes Alt+C which helped no end.

My current project is a robot which is proving to be rather hard to build as teh pelvic regions are always to wide and i managed to max out my RAM a couple of times!