My new picture :slight_smile:

Realy nice chapel! but I think the ground texture need some more time…try add particel grass for a more realistic look.

Besides that everythings great! :slight_smile:

Great model.

I actually think the ground is perfect for the scene. Don’t touch a thing.

For me, the lighting is very flat and doesn’t show off what this could potentially be. I think you need a directional light from the top left, shining on the front of the chapel. Maybe even a raytraced SUN lamp. Just to high;light this more and to show it oof some.

Looks very bland and extrememley flat the way it is.


Good work!
I like its cloudy lighting and shadow everywhere.

I agree with BgDM about the lightning. With only the lightning tweaked it can be a lot better. I like the grass too this way, but perhaps with Fiber2 grass it can perhaps be a bit nicer.

I like the material of the triangled shaped thing (I have too bad english to express better :() above the pilars. Perhaps a nice and suptle dirt map on the pilars would be cool.

The lighting is real enough. It really is, I guess some people don’t live in areas where the sky illuminated this way. Great lights!

It sets the mood! Lighting is EVERYTHING. (color is lighting too) This is what makes abstract art appealing as well as realism too. 'lighting".

Anyhow, the rendering looks great, but I have some weird feeling that I am looking at a replica (toy model), and not an image of a real chapel. Here’s why, the camera is too high, you need to lower the camera to an eye level of a person. You may even want to change the camera lens in Blender to give a slightly bit more distorted perspective, to exagerate the strenght and size of the building.

The water-well seems too big, it looks out of place. I could be wrong, but it just seems that way to me. Looks a a fake “Water Well Kit” bought at Wal-Mart and put there in the grass.

The gras is “OK”, but I’d work on it more.

One last crit. The sidewalk is odd. You got a huge building capable of hold a large amount of people, and one skinny sidewalk that happens to came past the front of thes chapel. You need a large area of stone (and steps?) or concrete to hold the crowds of people. But again, I may be wrong, there are a several chapels in my town that are literally a few feet away from major highways or streets.

i very much like the lighting, its is ,as what spin said, make it look real.

it looks like the type of weather where its just about to start raining, (in other word’s like the weather we have in ireland all the time :stuck_out_tongue: )

very nice pic!!

I agree 100% with BgDM. The scene is superb but the current lighting robs it of its potential. This image looks very much like a photograph.

I am providing a high quality jpeg example of how the lighting and contrast might be improved, if not in Blender then in post-processing. I encourage you to compare the images and come to your own conclusions :wink: Saturation and levels have also been adjusted.

As I see more and more cases of finished images like these that could benefit greatly from such additional care in the “post” phase, I have set up a new thread in News and Chat called the Post-Processing Workshop. Everyone is welcome to check it out and add their own comments or questions.

Ultimately, I want everyone to realize their potential and their work’s potential, so I want to help fellow Blenderheads in that regard wherever possible :slight_smile:

Take care,



nice pic,
you have set up a nice mood there.

thanks… :smiley:

o.k. I created one new light for this… :slight_smile:

The tower is very nice. The building, though, seems disproportionate … much too thin from front to back … and the wellhouse in the front also seems out of scale. (It also appears oval.)

If you simply extend the building and move the wall backward on the Z-axis, and perhaps shrink and reposition the well, the shot would work better.

You might be able to make some good use of depth-of-field here, so that the steeple (being presumably quite a distance away) has a ghost of soft-focus on it. This will help it to look more to-scale. (You have done this, intentionally or not, on the back wall, and it works well there.)

The detail in the tower is very pleasing. It’s a good place to put detail.

Architectural touches are always welcome. For example, a stone mason would put some dressing around the arched windows and doors. There might be a “schedule of services” mounted beside the door – which you don’t have to be able to read. Churches often have cornerstones, which you could suggest behind the right-hand tree (and yet conceal it from any close inspection). And so on. All of these are “frosting,” of course, but sometimes a concrete sense of realism does come by means of suggestions of detail.

Very good image here.
Only a thing doesnt’ convince me, it is the edge betwen grass and the little paths.
Even if grass is entended to be very short, that is too much sharp and linear imho.

Ps What about a larger render?

It is a really nice image. If you dont mind me asking could you share your brick texture. I have been trying to find a good brick texture, but i have had know luck.

Great work G_Taurus. The top of the spire looks almost real. Fantastic!

Small cristicism:

  1. Pillars need a slab of concrete to stand on, because putting pillars straight into the ground is a bad a idea- too unstable.

  2. Chapel needs a Cross at the top of the spire to be a Chapel, otherwise it’s like a government building or worse a masonic center. :slight_smile:

I maybe will use Fiber generator for grass…O.K. next picture will be larger…but I now teach modelling in Wings3D.

I can’t share my texture, because I don’t have good place for it(on internet)… but this texture is one of brick textures on
I make two edit it, I cut bottom part of texture and deleted it and I copied top series of bricks and pasted it over bottom series of bricks. Sorry of my English. :expressionless:

i agree with the water well being to big if you look at in comparison wit the door of the church then it is huge also the size of the pillar kind of look to thin if the well was scaled down a bit then the pillars might look a bit thicker n more achitectural as it looks like they could fit fdown the well at this point in time. However i think the way the lighting is set up like the sun is setting and it only shines through on te steeple bit is very nice good work.


This is supposed to be a Finished Project.

So many people love this image and want to change it. I love it!

Anyhow. The lighting in the original image is great! I love the sky too. The mesh and construction of the chapel is great, as well as the textures, however, it does look kind of odd. Stone pillars on grass, isolated windows in the front and I had assumed that the wall behind it was part of the chapel, but if not then it needs to be.

The camera angle is off. Crooked looking. Get rid of the water well. But if you need it, put it to the side and re-build it. More concrete or stone is needed in the front.

Wow nice! 1 question though, how did u make the tree?

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