Chapter seven

By one of the folks that I admire. A good writer and not a bad artist either:


Cheers, pix

Edit Only a 31 hour download that I am going through, it must be confusing my system somewhat, I don’t know. But my post came up with double words in it that I did not type. How strange.

Right, I’m sure nobody’s heard of Alice in Wonderland before.

Well I am sure that most folks have heard about Alice. I just wonder how many have actually read the story and looked at the original illustrations? Really, it was quite a production. In a way, it makes me envious. It is a marriage of text and art and nourishes the imagination. We all have to take our vitamins one way or another.

Offer Shakespeare and ‘family guy’ to the modern child, you can only guess what they’ll choose.

‘Through the looking glass’ was a scary and terrific story when I was a kid, it inspired my imagination and influenced my dark style in art. I wouldn’t be who I am now without such wonderful literature.

Family guy is a blatant ripoff, but anyway…

Is that the original text? I mean, so many movie remakes, you have to wonder if the book is still the same.