Chapter17 of Horus


Chapter17 of Horus is coming. swf format is

and mp4 format (need QuickTime6 from Apple’s site) is

I know some people want .avi file, but I don’t have more space to store them.
Sorry for inconvenient.

– Shige

Yay another chapter. I don’t care what format you put them in I would get whatever I need to watch them. Very nice as always. How many more chapters do you think there will be? Are you still going to offer a DVD version when you are done? Your work is not only an excellent showcase for what can be done with Blender but also shows your artistic ablity and imagination. I love this series.

Excuse my ignorance, is swf a macromedia flash format ? :-?

As always, excellent work. When you’re done with the series, please, put it on dvd.

How come you don’t create a html page with pictures from the animation like you used to?

I really don’t feel like d/ling quicktime and I am not too sure about swf either…

Show us some Pics :smiley:

I have a plan to make DVD-R with subtitle(? I don’t know what to say, I mean the words under the movie screen). Maybe NTSC and PAL version.

– Shige

Hmm, I hate my computer. :slight_smile: I can’t seem to download this stuff though it looks interesting. Unfortunately I haven’t seen any of these. Would it be possible for someone to zip up all the files in any format, as long as it is consistant. Just send it to my address in my profile.

Thanks and Happy Blending,

wow… that’s so amazing. great modeling and lighting. [maybe the movements are a bit slow but i guess that’s the intended look]
i always enjoy watching Horus :smiley: