Char.Anim -> Blender/LightFlow :P


zstonzy beated me by a handfull of minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

My stupid WIP to make a walkcycle (first for me :wink: )

It is Blender+Lightflow, walking dude is a glass which varies of colour AND of IOR during animation.

Setting is unbelievably empty and there are lots of problems:

1 - Where is the Anti Aliasing???

2 - Caustics disappear around frame 150 this has a long explanation, eeshlo knows why.



what codec is it ?? can’t play it !!! :o


Ah, ok, sorry, it is DivX 5.0


ahh, now I hav seen it…nice start for a first walkcycle…

cool Material !!! lol

nice :slight_smile:


It is quite interesting.

Next time, if you want, use a non-black, if possible non-uniform background so more will be visible, in an easier fashion too.

If you have selected ‘preview’ before this render, the anti-aliasing settings don’t get automatically set back when you change to ‘user settings’ again, at least not yet, I guess I’ll have to change that…

I don’t think it is suddenly switched off or something, under certain angles it is not really that unusual to have only shadow. It also might be that you used transmission (fake caustics) instead of real caustics.

not really…oh ok, if you insist, very nice first walk cycle! :wink:

btw, does this happen to anyone else: whenever I seemingly take too long before submitting the reply, I get logged out automatically…

Yes you know… at frame 155 if I remember well the memory leak problem in Blender made Blender itself be more than my phisical memory. Which is unfair. So I killed it and restarted rendering from frame 156.

The correction to radiosity=1 in the glass to get caustics (strange, yes, but it’s like this for me :frowning: ) was made by hand in Blender text window and not saved, so when I restarted Blender it was lost and last 100 frames were rendered much faster but causticless :wink:

Oohhhh, thanks :smiley:

PS my connection is fine

you’ve got more comments than me :frowning: :x