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(sten) #1

Hey folks…

I wondered if it was possbile to output a Animation Sequence
with Armatures(Character Animation) together with BMRT
and Blenderman-script in Blender, and it was possible !!

Though it took some testing to get it working first,
this was what came out of it:

it is JPEG codec from Blender so you know…

What I did was to do all the frames in TIF images (520 frames!!!),
and since I don’t know if it is possible to do some other fileformats,
I had to convert them later to TGA and take all those images
(you can choose a directory, as you can choose each file also)
as directory select into the Sequence Window and then I
activated the “Do Sequence” in Rendering buttons and choosed
AVI-JPEG codec as final output…puhh

hard work but that is the only way I know how to do animation for
BMRT :wink:

And it is also hard to get normal shadows smooth and soft in BMRT
as far as I know if I won’t use GI which takes loooots of renderingtime :frowning:

I hope it is some way interesting to you all :wink:


(S68) #2

Cool :slight_smile:

I think I can recall that guy, with purple and yellow sripes on old Blender Forum :slight_smile:

Stars are really nice on him/she/it

Are you sure you need to switch from TIFF to TARGA?


(sten) #3

hehe, yes…took an old guy :wink:

okey, sorry to say, but it is some sort of artifacts in SubSurf,
it won’t show up on normal Blender rendering, but in BMRT it does ??!!

as far as I know , Blender can’t handle TIFF ,
it can’t regognize that fileformat…so, yes I belivie so 8)

(IamInnocent) #4

Wo! The way you say it, it sure look like a lot of work. Did you need BMRT over say the renderer in Blender or Pov-Ray through PovAnim ?

Anyway it is a neat animation. I like the bounce the character has to his stride. :slight_smile:

(eeshlo) #5

Very nice ztonzy!
All the comments on the Lightflow animation where just to complain about how frustrating the Lightflow script can be, so don’t feel bad about that! Blenderman and the POVanim script sure do handle certain things a lot better.
About the artifacts, does it happen both with polygons and pointspolygons or any of the other settings?