char animation for crits

(slikdigit) #1

Ok, I did this little ‘stair cycle’ and put it on a simple staircase. crits?

maybe now I can take an animation breather and start looking at the blender source a bit.

(BgDM) #2

Beautiful! No crits. The lighting is perfect. Great motion. Maybe some more auxilary motion, (i.e fingers moving, head turning/bobbing), that is all.

Great stuff.


(theeth) #3

cool, I really like the arms motion and “bobbing” kinda move.

Like BgDM said, a little auxiliary action would complement this nicely, head turns, eyes blink, little touches like this.


(slikdigit) #4

Thanks fellas. I need to decide the finger rig at the moment; right now they have moveable targets, but I might like rotations rather than translations- I can easily specify local X,Y or Z axis that way, otherwise with fingers its usually hard to see which way things are going.
The eyes can blink, and the eyeballs have a target I’m planning on moving around so he has some eyetracking. I can also move the mouth some.
I’m waiting before I do RVKs as the texturing isn’t quite finished yet, and I might decide to do some more editing to the mesh.
I guess I’ll add some secondary motion to the cycle, then I’ll use the NLA to add some more in a separate action.

(paradox) #5

Nice animation, nice lighting and I like the character design too.

(S68) #6


very nice character, fluid animation, great lightning.

Now you need a matching stair!


(cohort) #7

A character is likely to look back and forth between the railing and the upcoming stairs, watching each stair for the length of a step…

(adyus) #8

unrelated topic: is there a tutorial on NLA combined with a walk cycle? i mean, there is a tut about NLA and another for walk cycles or IKA animation, but I can’t get them together. I need examples! :wink:

(S68) #9

Malefico posted one NLA tut few days ago in the Q&A forum


(kaktuswasse) #10

cool character, great animating, great lighting! Really like it.
But I agree with the secondary motions.

cya henrik

(malefico) #11

Believe it or not, I’m working on a tute SPECIFICALLY about walkcycles and NLA. To expand my previous NLA Tute.



PS: EXCELLENT stair cycle slikdigit ! :smiley:

(slikdigit) #12

thanks for the comments folks. Malefecio: Looking forward to that tute.
here’s a small update (some -extra- motion, and lame sound added to test avidemux.
not too lame I hope.

(basse) #13

wonderful… truly nice movement… I dont know about the head movement you added… why is he looking at the wall there? perhaps little head swaying/bouncing… i dont know.

i want see more!
is this going to be a shortmovie or something?


(cohort) #14

looked to me like he was saying something to someone behind him…

(kaktuswasse) #15

wow, genius movement!
cya henrik

(slikdigit) #16

To All: Thanks for the comments. To Basse and Cohort: the walls of the stairwell will eventually be grafitti laiden concrete. Someone’s tag briefly catches his attention on the way down.
Yup this is part (I hope) of an eventual larger whole.

(stephen2002) #17

what codec is it in? I can’t view it and I have just about every codec there is installed…

(slikdigit) #18

Its in DivX. I’ve tried it with windows (media player) and linux (mplayer) both with the divx codec installed. I’m sorry I don’t have a mac available, so I have no idea if it’ll work with that platform.
To get the codec just go to there’s a download there.