char: glitch *UPDATE-head added * 3/30/04 -advice needed-

hi, this is “glitch” a char from a game that i decided to modle(im NOT using him for a game) so far ive got alot done, and i need more help… ill post wireframes and the pics im using to help me when i get the chance to. right now all i need is c&c.

front veiw



hopefully those work

oh and heres the games website

c&c is appriciated

wow, i hope it isnt that bad…

Hey thats looking good I’ve played the game and its fun and interesting :smiley:

I like it. Nice texturing and seemingly good modelling… what’s the tri-count?

um… verticities: 16022 and faces:16399 i think tri menas verticities…i dont know, but here’s the count anyways

Nope, I was “schooled” on this a few days ago. If you check the decimator in the editing menu it will have a number next to it that gives the tris. Or you can count manually, one polygon is two tris. :smiley:

oooh…thx, so that means i have 32044 tri?

nice feet, I myself lack the inspiration when it comes to building mechanics, so I can really say, I couldn’t do that myself. :smiley:

update added the left arm. the reason i didnt copy it and make him have two arms is cause the right arm is totally different, ill be modling that later. heres the link

are my renders too big?

UPDATE O3/9/04*

i added the gun-arm, and made his backpack type thing. up next is his head. after that i have some major details to work on.

front veiw

backpack thingy

gun/right arm


aww, common’ guys… i need c&c

:-? sigh if its that bad you can tell me ya know… :wink:

I’m dumb, you said it wasn’t for a game so I don’t know why I asked for a tri count.

It’s looking good, you’re obviously paying attention to the detail.

Stop begging for replies after only a day.

sorry…i have no patience…but seriously, i do need crits at some point to help me.

Actually a poly can be any number of tris, but in Blender it can only be one or two.

And yes, your renders are too big.

ok sorry ill make them smaller

sorry, i will be finishing this wip soon. my computer is messed up, and when i fix it i will continue this. not that anyone cares… ok well, happy blending

I think the modelling is all good, I couldn’t really find anything inherently bad about it unless you started texturing or something. Is it getting a head?

oh yes, lol here’s the head i do need to work on it some more tho’(decreased the size in renders)



oh, and heres a texture try on his feet. i am just trying to get a convincing metal texture. tell me if it looks ok, and help me if it looks like hell,lol.

and yes, i just noticed his upper body is way too big. i will be resizing that soon.