char modeling in blender?

is there a way to add a source image in blender? like I have a t-pose of a person from front and left. but How would I put those into blender to model from them? is that even possible? I tried adding them as a material but I forgot that materials don’t show up in the 3d view. is there a way to just add an image in blender?

On the 3D Window, go View -> Background image. And choose the image.

Or, you could map the image onto a plane, but I find the view: Background image the easiest since it doesn’t actually show up in the render and workspace

I mapped the image to the plane but how do I view it in the 3d window? Materials don’t show up until the render… or are we talking of two separate methods?

The View->Background image and mapping the image on the plane are two different methods.

I would rather use the View->Background image method. ( A small box should show up, and then just click “Use Background” and load your image )

What I have are two images front and side. and I want to be able to see them both

Unfortunately, ( to my knowledge ) you cannot have both images using that method.

If you want both, then you’ll have to use the plane method.

Make two plans and line them up right. Now, load the images into the UV Image window, and map the texture to the plane.

I have a tut on my site for this…it is free, a demo part of one of the courses.

cool. I see them now. thanks for the help. on other question though. is there a way to type in exact measurements for a plane? like if I have a pic thats 100 X 200 could I type in a 100 width and 200 height somewhere

nice. I’m getting the PT1 iamge planes free one now nowherebrain see how it turns out!

Thanks for the link

With your object selected and active, use the Nkey to bring up the Transform Properties dialog. Enter your dimensions in the DimX…Y…Z fields. For a 100x200 pixels image I’d use 1 and 2 or 10 and 20 wich will fit well in the clipping range of the OpenGL camera of the viewport. .1 and .2 wouldn’t allow close up examination without resetting the Clip Start (in View > View Properties) to something smaller than its 0.10 default value.


awesome! thanks for the help

You could always just have two 3d-view windows, one for front and one for side and use a different image for the background of each. thats what I do, at least.

Thats true. But then ( if you have a small screenRes ) you might get a crowded workspace.

I never had a problem with just having one image at a time, since I always model the first first, then the sides. Then go back to fix a few things,. then back, ect ect.