Char: Yawip the superhero! (Almost completely remodeled.)

This is Yawip (short for Yet Another Work In Progress), he’s a young superhero who (in maybe a week or two) will be searching for adventure and battling a supervillian (who I might make).

I haven’t given him ears yet because it’s depressing for a young superhero to hear how stupid he looks without ears.

I haven’t given him a mouth because he’d start yelling at me about how stupid his current name is (Yawip? What sort of a name is that!). His name is just as much a WIP as his body.

I’ll get to his ears and mouth (and hands, and head, and on, and on…) in due time. Right now I’m waiting for inspration on the head, I’ve been helping that inspiration by drawing sketches, listing possible superpowers, etc…

I decided to make him because, well, I was listening to The Incredibles soundtrack and was inspired to make a superhero.

C&C welcome and appreciated!

good work but the ankles are to skinny and the head needs a little touch up could you post a wire?

Thanks for the reply, Aidan! Here are some new screens.

Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting

There are no tris on the body, and very few on the head. I consider that quite an accomplishment for me right now, since some of my previous models were infested with tris. Now I realize why they looked so bad!

I think the next thing I’m going to work on is his ears. I’m trying to make them, and the rest of him, slightly cartoonish. That’s why the ankles are so thin. I’ll see what I can do with 'em.

See ya! :slight_smile:

he reminds me of barbie he needs a bigger wast and legs

I think his legs are just fine. It’s the style. :slight_smile:

His feet look a little large and clumsy though. And it also looks like he has unnaturally large breasts instead of pecs at certain angles.

i dont think his breasts are to large that looks good! haha keep up the work! i cant wait to see his hair

Sorry for yet-another-WIP-bumped-to-the-front-page. :frowning:

Thanks for the replies!

Here’s an update:

And the eye itself:

I tried remodeling the head for the hero, and guess who it turned out to be? His archnemesis! REVENGEANCE!

I actually used makehuman SSS on Revengeance. C&C welcome! :slight_smile:

Great chcracter head. Really nice work.


Thanks, Bgdm. :slight_smile:

I’m really liking him. He definately has that pixar cartoon look. The head has much more character than your first. Great job.

I love the look of Revengeance’s head. The only crit I have is that the chin split going all the way up to the lower lip looks a little weird, but perhaps thats just me.

Blazer: Thanks, man. I’m still going to remodel that first head at some point, I’m messing around with the concept art right now lookin’ for something good. :slight_smile:

Alistair: Thanks for the crits, is this any better?

A strong cleft chin, that looks great.

i’m loving this character. we need an update!

…i’m a pixar nut. they can animate a cat’s hairball and i would buy it…so i really like your style here…

Thanks for the replies! I’ll see what I can do about updates, right now I’m still working on concept art and thinking up superpowers and such for him. I’ll try and have something by tomorrow, but don’t count on it.

looks quite good!

want to put on a small tut on how you used the SSS here?

cekuhnen: Thanks, I’ll see what I can do.

As for the rest of you who may or may not have been waiting for updates…


A new bug is discovered in Blender!

When you import a part of a .blend (the skin from Revengeance’s head) into a new file (a remodeled superhero head), and save without thinking…


In other words, I saved over Revengeance’s head! :frowning:
It’s gone!

Okay, maybe not. There’s a slight chance that I may be able to get it back, but it’s slim. I’ll let ya’ll know how that goes when I’ve tried it.

And about updates…the embarrasing old floppy drive has decided to quite working. And seeing as I’m on a public access computer, I can’t get them to ya’ll right now. Sorry, I’ll get them out as soon as possible. They are there! I am working on this!

Your style is really nice! I’d like to improve my skills in order to get the same result!
PS: how do you obtain the wires on the material? If i render a material with the “wire” option turned on, I can’t achieve the same result.

Well, it’s been quite a while, hasn’t it? Mr. Superhero has been almost completely remodeled!

I’m still not satisfied with the head, so I’m gonna remodel it yet again at some point.

Oh, I almost forgot. Revengeance’s head has been recovered! I ran across it one day while looking through a .blend1 file and was quite shocked! I thought it was gone forever. (I have backups now, of course.)

[edit] C&C is very appreciated! [/edit]