Chara: Pretty ugly bad "thing"

Long time since I didn’t upload anything… this time I hope I finish this project.

It’s a creature I’m getting around with. I started thinking in the gollum, but later I found it wasn’t too alike, so I’m getting whatever I get. The creature has no name, so I’ll call it “thing” for now (luckily he won’t get offended).

I can’t do a lot of detail because of my crappy 5-year-old-crappy-non-supported hardware, so I’ll get until it dies off. :smiley:



By now, I know the anomalies on the nose, gotta fix that. But what else can I do? Comments appreciated.

i think you should remove the bumped out pupils in his eyes, just make them smooth… give it more of a creepy spacey look

That’s very good. I like the AO version. I kinda like the eyes the way they are - I dunno, I guess I’d have to see the eyes smooth to decide.

I have no crits for the modelling. Can we see a wire?

Are you going to texture it anytime soon?

By now, I’m about to add the ears and that stuff. The eyes have that bump as placeholders, so I can know where to place the iris later. Wanted a wire? Here you are :smiley:

It’s been splitted in halves. The hole is where I’ll put the ear later. As I said, I plan to finally finish a project… if my hardware resists. :X

EDIT: I almost forgot, here’s a version with some small horns. In Yafray.

BTW, someone knows how to fix these blocky shadows (left side)?

In a lack of comments, here’s an update. Arms to be added, as well as ear and other details.

And here’s the concept image I made for getting it well:

Please comment…

Looks like Gollum with horns and wings. But that is OK.

As for the blocky shadows, what is your render SubSurf set too? Looks like it may be too low.


every little fellas must be named gollum? I’ve noticed this trend lately, BgDM ;D

nice work, so far, i can’t figure out what to criticise :smiley:


Very nice
not every character should be named gollum but something is imo very gollum-like (maybe his eyes)

I’d say it’s an imp. That’s what I’d picture an imp looking like. Or maybe a scrawny gargoyle.

In any case, excellent work and those sketches are promising.

Nonono, imps are happy, short little guys! :slight_smile: Kind of a cross between a leprechaun and this. Definitely not with cat’s eyes.

I like the gargoyle angle, though…