Character and Gun Models Needed

Hi, name is Steven and I am currently enrolled at Full Sail University for Game Design. I am working on creating a near future third person shooter in Unreal Engine 3 and I could use some medium poly character and weapon models. I need them to be uv-mapped, textured and rigged. Some walking, running, and jumping animations would be greatly appreciated but aren’t absolutely necessary. If you know how to export them to PSA/PSK then that’s awesome, but if not I can take .blend files just as easily.

I am hoping to make this a commercial game in the future and I would be perfectly happy to pay a percentage of the profits if it actually sells, but that’s at least two years down the road optimistically and there is every possibility that this project won’t take off, hence volunteer work. Even if it doesn’t sell it will at least make for some good portfolio pieces.

Below you will find my meager concept sketches as to what I want the characters and weapons to look like. The Characters as you can see are largely incomplete but should basically just be modern military armor, but with no skin showing. The rest I leave up to your discretion.

This is where I got the inspiration for the armor design; feel free to pull from this. It is theoretically the next step in real life combat armor.

The gun at the top greatly resembles a FAMAS. I will try out the FAMAS, but no promises on when/if it will be done.

I’m no good a characters, so that will not be attempted by me, sorry.

Yes actually the design was a mix of the FAMAS and a WA2000. They are supposed to be energy weapons though so keep that in mind. The other one is based largely off of the TAR-21 but again I want something that looks original. It wouldn’t make much sense if a laser bolt fired out of a bolt action rifle.

Here is what I was using for a reference while I was sketching them:

I’m not sure I understand the term “energy weapons”…

I’m not sure I understand the term “energy weapons”…

Will start once I figure out how to add the depth to the weapon.

Well In the game the weapon is called a pulse rifle, I imagine it would fire small packets of super-heated plasma at the enemy.

Ok, so I am thinking of a larger barrel opening for the plasma to come out of.

Also, I will start once I figure out how to get the depth into the gun. Ahg, it is driving me insane.

Same here, I was never very good a detailing models. My sketches come out ok but once I go to model them they always come out as flat cubes.