Character Animation and IPO etc.

I’ve been reading all the tutes on character animation, and I’ve got my scorpion with armetures all through his tail. Now I want to animate him with his tail striking, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this. (I’ve read countless tutorials, but no-one seems to address this)

Is there some kind of add the state of an object to frame X, and add the state of it again at frame Y, and all intermediate frames are interpolations of these two frames?

I assume you can select intermediate frames and export to DXF aswell?



For armatures…

select armature

Go to pose mode (That smiley like icon)

Armature coes blue

Select frame

select a bone

move/rotate it

Press I KEY to add a keyframe

go to another frame





I’ve actually got it to work now… but don’t go yet.

I can do it in one blender file no worries. I IKEY->rot and it puts stuff in the Action IPOs section, putting little coloured bits beside the QUAD words. Lines plotting the motion are also drawn.

Now I go to another Blend file, do seemingly exactly the same thing… I can click through the frames and it updates the drawing… but no lines are drawn in any of the boxes, and no little coloured bits appear.

Is this a bug, or have I overlooked something? the bugtracker @ is down