Character Animation / Promo

Hey people. Just finished a video that gives an overview of how I do character animation in Blender. Technically it’s not a tutorial. Anyway check it out! Plus I challenge you to download the .blend file from BlenderArt Mag’s issue #23 and make your own versions of the animation. Just something for fun. I’d love to see what you come up with.

Great Article Shane! I also really liked your Ninja animation. I was going gangbusters in CA until I hit a hurdle I can’t seem to resolve. I can’t figure out how to create the FK/IK to my characters leg & foot. Is there a trick to understanding this?


Thanks. Man, FK/IK is always tricky to me. I have to re-figure it out every time. I know that’s not helpful at…my only suggestion (to myself as well) is to study up, and do simple practicing with an armature until you get it and it is ingrained into your brain permanently. I really want to be a master rig man, just havent had time so I settle for my garbage rigs. I’m lazy.