Character animation book

Im doing the captain tutorial in the character animation book. I ran into a problem though. My arm looks very irregular, not how the book shows it, how can i improve this arm?

If you need some wireframe pictures just let me know.


The arms look a bit short. Captain Blender is supposed to have bulging muscles, but in a too short arm they just look like lumps. Try lengthening the arm a bit.

How does it line up in front view (NUM1)? If it lines up there and the geometry is the same, then I think it’s just a matter of pushing vertices around to get them where you like them. That’s something that really can’t be explained, you just have to play with it. You might want to open up the Captain Blender mesh file on the DVD in order to take a look at the actual model from some different angles. That would help you get a sense of where the vertices are.