Character Animation Breakdown - Interrogation Scene

Here’s another character breakdown from my latest explainer animation. This is my second attempt at character animation, so any and all feedback is welcome. Trying to learn as much as possible.


This is a very smooth and natural animation! Very good! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
There is one thing I feel sorry for. The emotional intensity of this character is constant from start to finish. I think it would be fun to put some strong & overblown emotions in the middle of video. (Why did I put jelly in the boss’ socks? Why the hell !!) It’s just an opinion. What you gave the color contrast of the background lighting is a great directing that explains the character in conflict. Thanks for sharing! Please continue :

Yea I agree. I see a lot of problems with this shot, so that’s a good thing to try and improve for next time. This is also a corporate marketing video so going overly cartoony wouldn’t work, but I agree some more exaggerated breakdowns would make it more appealing and less robotic. Thanks for your feedback!

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