character animation - example

(AN][ARES) #1

again i am wasting my time on character animation. i already tried different things with it and here’s another product:


the main problem of my first animations where the feet, that these parts of the model keep the exact position when they hit the ground. i also searched for easier and more flexible posibilities to do my animations.

the basic idea for the new construction of the armatures were from Thachury and his armatures-tutorial.

after different experiments i could even improve this basic setup.

the hole movment is now controlable by 6 empties for the feet and some armature-rotations of the hip, arms and head.
it is now possible to to a full step (like those above) within 10-20 min depending on what quality is demanded.

of course there are still some edges in the movment, but i think it is a good start :slight_smile:

(sten) #2


that is some nice start…I like the texture, really neat…looks almost like
UT textures, for the game…is it ?

and yeah…a little tweaking in the movement would do it awsome…