Character Animation for 11secondclub

Please check out my shot at
They have a critique tool to make helping out easy.

I like the Lip-sync. It’s very good especially for the second one!
But overall the Characters themself feel stiff.
Maybe try to act the dialoge out for reference, for getting natural Body movement.

Have them blink more too. That way it doesn’t seem like they have any blank stares.

Thanks so much for your input!

I think that in order to convey more emotion in the first character (first one speaking) you need to some more head movement… only slight… but then the little things say alot… a bit of head movement to go along with the rolling of the eyes… again only slight… but percieveable just the same… watch a few videos of real people and see how when someone rolls their eyes it’s never just the eyes that move…but the whole of the head gets into the act as well… even with a ‘stiff and proper’ character like this guy seems to be…

Nice work.
Short notes:

The screen R character is in a very awkward pose at the start. The wrist looks broken. I was going to suggest moving the hand up, but I think you should change that pose entirely. In an art gallery, people almost never lean against a wall like this, with their hand right next to a painting.

The second half goes a bit zombie. I think you need more keep alive, and also really work on eyeline. Both characters seem to be staring into space for the whole shot.

Both caracters are very very rigids… The blues is perfect for this kind of animations. Next time try with robots… maybe schwarzenegger would pose for you

Thanks so much everyone! It is my first acting, and Lip-sync animation, so I really needed all the input I could get. I will be posting a link to the finished shot soon.