Character animation — I need some ideas for a head!

(humphrey) #1

I’m creating the ‘creature’ in blender but I can’t think of any ideas for the head.
Any suggestions?
I was thinking along the lines of maybe a one eyed thing?? I dunno…
Or any other suggestions too. Like colors / textures.
I can forward the .blend file if anyone wants it.

Oh yeah… Here’s the link:


(valarking) #2

how about a HUGE head with one tiny eye done using the pixar technique. (check the Blenderchar webstie for tut)

(humphrey) #3

that would be pretty cool…
What type of shape should the head be??


(humphrey) #4

come on??

has any one got any ideas???

I’ve got to get this finished for a school assignmetn soon and I can’t think of what to do for a head!

(Riskbreaker) #5

here we go, maybe this might seem usefull :wink:

(Riskbreaker) #6

Well??? What do you think? Seriously. It needs work I know, but thats totally up to you to work on it. Its just an idea…

(humphrey) #7

Yeah, it is pretty cool (your idea).
However, I’ve came across this picture of a cartoon cat on the net, and I’m using that as the main Idea for my cat…

Thanks for the effort though, I’m might try and use in in a later design (Cause I really like it:))