Character Animation in Blender 2.5 with the Norman Rig (Rig+video manual)

I worked some more on the Norman Rig and made a video manual, covering Blender 2.5 usage. If you are an animator and want to give Blender 2.5 a try, then this is for you!

Visit my website for download and try it, please! It is all free :eyebrowlift2:

Great initiative Ivo, and very well executed. Now I have something I can refer colleagues to when preaching blender at work and hopefully ease the endless questions about features they cannot find and workflows they do not understand :slight_smile:

Loolarge, you dog!

After looking at your tutorial and playing some with ivo_animation_toolbox, you’ll make it impossible for anyone to animate without it! You’ll spoil us!

Thank you very much!

Great! I’ll check it out


ristesekuloski: Thanks man! I just realized that i actually did not add the finger spreading that you requested. I will add that later (sorry again!). The more i look, the more issues i find. As always :smiley: I also think i should add more deform bones so that you can bend the limbs a little bit.

i should try this, when i finished make it some charachter

A question, can be used for characters that are not intended to be stretchy, was only able to play with it for a couple of minutes as I am at work and stole a couple of minutes to look at it…also with aloooooooooot of careful attention I can rescale my present rig and leave actions I made (prior) in a relatively unaffected state, there are always some issues though, but minimal…if I’m careful, that having been said, have u ever tried that kind of thing…and yes I know that blender doesn’t do animation retargeting natively…yet…in hope

really good rig, I couldn’t make that good a rig even if I become a professional.

I can’t seem to enable the scripts in 2.57, any suggestions?

Sadly, I think we lost Loolarge… He hasn’t posted on his blog since he made a comment about switching over to XSI because he can’t find a way to make money in Blender… And now his forum has been over run by Russians spamming it… Really sad. Loolarge has been a tremendous help to me…

WAoooooooo the video looks awesome,

But, I am on Osx using one of the last build and I can’t enable your script ,
Seem to be a problem this blender right now it’s changing so much, so script and rig are outdated really fast T_T

Really Really nice job, Rig and tutorial :slight_smile:

Keep going man :wink:


I got it to work on Mac OS X etc.

Make sure that you copy the addon folder in the correct manner. I kept having trouble finding the addon folder until I right-clicked the blender icon and selected " show package contents". Then things proceeded as follows in the video. Hope that helps.

I hate to bump a thread, but is anyone having a problem with the facial controls being totally unresponsive in 2.57 on Mac? Everything else works, so I don’t think it was a problem with the installation. I was kinda hoping to enter the 11 Second challenge this month, so if anyone could help that would be great.