Character animation in blender game engine

Hello again im having trouble with my character rig in game, i have it all rigged up and animated but the only problem is the character just sits in mid air when i start the game and has no gravitational pull on it or whatever. i can lower it to the ground level but i still need it to jump. any suggestions please?

oh and if i set the amature to rigid body the character slightly lowers but kinda hovers of the ground or it shoots up in the air when i hit the a key to go left or it just spasses out.

You need to parent the armature to collision box with physics.

  1. Draw a box around the character.
  2. In the Object button window under Display switch from Textured to Wire.
  3. In the Physics button window enable Invisible.
  4. As Physics Type select Dynamic.
  5. Activate Collision Bounds.
  6. Under Bounds select Capsule.
  7. Select the character mesh and aktivate Ghost.
  8. Select the armature aktivate Ghost.
  9. Select the armature and then shift select the box.
  10. Press Ctrl+P parent it to object.
Don’t delete the armature modifier as in the video.


CharacterKit25xV2.blend (763 KB)

Thanks! this helped alot i have bin trying to figure this out of over weak now.