Character Animation in NLA editor not visible in rendering

Hi, Blender community! I need help! I have a problem with the NLA editor in Blender. For now, I didn’t found any solution on the web.

I have ready animation and it works in the viewport. It consists of several actions blended on separate tracks. Everything looks beautiful until I try to render in Eevee or Cycles - there is no animation on character… it’s static :confused: Does anyone have a similar problem? Is this a bug or what!?

I’m attaching two animations, one from the viewport, and one rendered in cycles. Help!

I tested versions 8.92 and 8.93 of Blender. I’m using Auto Rig Pro and Wiggle Bones.

Thanks for any help!

Hello and welcome on BA :slight_smile:

On the object which is being deformed by the armature, you might have unchecked the “Rendered” button on the Armature Modifier, in modifiers tab

Screenshot from 2021-07-27 22-55-29

Did you ?

See you :slight_smile: ++

Thanks for the answer but it’s not that :slight_smile:

As I’m checking now, the problem appears on my PC. I’m opening the same file on my Macbook pro and it’s rendering animation properly. It seems like a bug on the Windows version :confused: