Character animation isnt creating a splash?

Hi im having some trouble getting my character to create a splash. Ive watched the olav tutorial and have done everything multiple times. My character falls from a tree and hits a puddle but not even a ripple. It is also a camera tracked shot within blender. The character has a few subtools eyes tongue teeth pants and ive made each an obstacle in the physics liquid tab. Do i have to make my rig an object too lol. Im using blender 2.8 not the newest build. says the file is to big to upload . Any help is greatly appreciated !

Idk what you’re using but in Flip Fluids you need to select Export Animated Mesh for the obstacle panel. Not sure if its similar for Mantaflow.

Thanks for the reply im not using flip fluids or mantaflow. Just whats in blender 2.8. I think mantaflow is in the newest version of blender but i wanted to finish the shot in the earlier version im using now. i might have to break down and purchase flip fluids.

Well I switched to mantaflow and is working much better. Way better to get a result. Just have to mess with parameters