Character Animation issues

I made a character and an armature for him. I was following David Wards tutorial on how to make a simple game character and ran into a problem. I got to the part where you have a standing action and a walking action. I start the game and he does the standing action, but when I press the up arrow he freezes and doesn’t move. I attached my blend if you want to look at it.


Game Character.blend (1 MB)

a fast solution:
change the Walkings’s “Layer” setting to 1, it should work…I hope!

OTO’s solution is great, except for one problem, the blending. Instead, you can set the “Walking” animations’ priority to 1, and the “Standing” animations’ priority to 2. Then, go to the “Always” sensor connected to the “Standing” action, and turn on “True Level Triggering” (Positive pulse).

here is the fixed Blend.