Character Animation: Monster and Human climbing


Just two short animations I uploaded. Since I started blender I’ve focused more on rendering and modelling and shied away from animating. Using a few good rigs from (links in video description) I started to animate.[/INDENT]

Constructive criticism would be great, I know the animations are far from perfect. Just practice


I’m learning animation now also.
I see a little hesitation when he throws his weight at the first, it looks funny to me. Over all it is really good. Do you do any work in graph editor to clean up the curves?

They are very stiff – climbing especially. A character climbing like that would constantly be swinging side to side like a pendulum. Then all limbs would be doing the same until they are locked on a ledge

I think I hesitated from giving the character more sway later in the piece because I wanted to show this robotic humanoid was in control. I am not sure what else I could have done to the monster however, to make it ‘less stiff’

And kazinger, yes ofcourse. There are always little errors or rejigging.

Oh really? Well I learn something new every day.

It is good to extend hangs or smooth curves like you said.

For the initial movement on the climbing animation, where the character is lifting themselves with upper body strength alone, try lifting the legs before the motion starts and kicking them out as he is going up. In the real world this temporarily lessens the amount of weight your arms are lifting. In animation it looks more realistic.

Hello hamstermk4,

yes I did attempt the ‘knee-up’ move that free climbers tend to use, not very successfully however. I think it would help to study footage of climbers doing this, whilst animating.

The hand sliding on the human figure (0:06 tp 0:07) was the most noticeable flaw. Hard to critique animation without the ability to step through the frames.

These are great! I agree with 3dementia that the hand slip was a problem, but I can’t find anything else wrong with it. As a basic animation the monster thingy looks really cool, at least if it was a fairly small thing. If this was some giant beast I would slow it down about 3 times and maybe add some soft body rippling in the neck or things like that, but for the most part I think it’s a great job.

Thankyou both 3dementia and Owldude for your comments,

I purposely let the slip go, trying to show that the robot’s hands were not like skin, more like plastic and more slippery however after rendering decided that it was a bad decision.


Great idea! (softbodies) . as far as scale goes, I had in mind a human size or slightly smaller monster, larger than a dog yet smaller than a cow. If i were to animate it like it was the size of a 747, i think i would have to add detail to the mesh or atleast a normal mapped texture to aid in the sense of size.