character animation practice

Hey guys,

I have done some animation practice, and would like to hear your opinions.
here is the link:


Awesome practice work. This is a really good start.

Areas where it could use improvement would perhaps be to add some moving holds. For instance there are pauses where the character is standing stock still, which is OK for cel animation or stop-mo but looks unnatural in CG. It might help if they’re always moving just a little. There’s other parts where just one bit of the character’s body is moving and the rest is stock still, like an arm raised or a head, meanwhile the body or other parts are stock still. Don’t go overboard, but you could aim to utilize as much liveliness as possible.

Excellent! Try working in some changes in POV. In most of these vignettes, your characters behave like stage actors, faking toward the audience (camera) instead of actually interacting with each other. Have them make more convincing eye contact, and try some over the shoulder shots.

haha I loved every second, especially the freakin french fries ! xD

very nice

This is very good work. Some pauses in between, but easy to be improved. Very talented.

Thanks for your nice comments and advices. I really appreciate that you are helping me to improve my animation skills. I hope I will be able to improve my next project accordng to your tips.
So, anything else you noticed?

Watched this a couple of times, the freaking fries cracks me everytime LOL!
I think it’s a good idea to keep the camera static for character animation practice :rolleyes:
Do some more… Very good work :slight_smile: