character animation question

I’ve animated a walk cycle of a character while while following a curve. The question is, what if I wanted him to walk up steps or even a steep ramp? Real people don’t walk up ramps with their body perpendicular to the ramp. :stuck_out_tongue: Am I just going to have to compensate by rotating him forward?
Thanks a lot!

you make a second action for the stairs. just click the arrows, and select ‘add new’ and that will give you a copy of whatever action you were at, when you added a new one. so, usually, you just delete all keys and fill in new ones. now you have two actions. you can then combine these in the nla editor, and specify how many times you wish for the cycle to repeat, and how many frames it takes to blend in and out from other actions, etc. there’s a brief chapter on it in the online manual, and probably some other docs and tuts as well.

Okay, I think I see what you mean… Right now, I have the current action as a stationary walkcycle. When the character follows the curve, it appears like he’s walking. So, you’re basically saying that I should keep the curve level, and just make another action for the stairs? I think that’ll work! I guess it’s okay that the character will be above the curve not right on it? (Since he walked up the steps.)
Thank you.

yes, call it step up1, step up2, step up3, where 1 is from a mid-stride (left leg crossing beside flat right foot, up onto a step (and hips and all go up) and right foot comes to step above the left, etc, for one complete cycle back to starting position. Up2 is where (pretend he’s now at the top step) and he just puts his left foot down as if he is on the landing. For odd numbers of stairs, you’ll need Up3 where he takes only one more step.

Now you just have to time his distance and stride so it looks natural has he transitions from walking to climbing - that can be kind of tricky.

You’ll need an arm swing to go with it - left or right banister being held onto.