character animation

im doing the blender summer of doc and i have a problem . i do everything it says and i get a wrong result.

i just finished the upper part and i wanted to continue with the lower one(building the lower body armature)

i do everything as it says but when i get to the point where it says to move the leg bone i get a wrong result , instead that the whole armature would move wrong , it moves as i show you in the most right jpg , and also the mesh moves along with the bone.

one thing i’ve noticed and maybe is wrong is, when i first shift -e to do the hips bones , if i grab the new hips bones they dont stick to the spine 1 bone , is this normal ?


Take a look at posts 68-~75 in this thread (the “official Char anim support thread”)

A bone will only be a “child of” and Co(nnected) to a bone if it is extruded from the tip of that bone.

As for your mesh getting “left behind” in the right picture, you probably have verts assigned to more than one bone. Select the mesh and go into weight paint mode, then SH-LMB on the “left behind mesh”, it will probably show more than one bone name in the list of bones that are attached to the mesh. Probably your right foot/leg bone. RMB select the right foot/leg bone, and the mesh should be all blue, (weight = 0), if it isn’t, change the weight to 0.0, the opacity to 1.0 and paint the mesh. Then RMB select the bone (foot.R) that SHOULD be controlling the mesh, and make sure the mesh is showing all RED, if not, change the Weight to 1.0 and paint over the mesh.

You can also use the Vertex Groups panel (select the mesh in EDIT mode) then press ‘a’ to select/deselect all verts, choose a vertex group name from the dropdown and press Select to check which verts are assigned to the group, use the Assign, Remove buttons to re-assign verts to groups.


hi, thanx , the thing is i havent painted yet anything from the lower part as i said i have done the tutorial exactly as it says and in the tutorial we havent painted anything from the lower part ,

this is what i’ve done : i shift-e the hips them the upperlegs then the lower legs , then the foot then the toe and then the leg, then i name them , then i disconect toe.l and make it child of of leg.l
then diconect foot from its parent make foot a child of leg.l
then leg.l child of none
then switch to pose select lower_leg.l and add an ik solver , write armature in ‘‘ob’’ and foot.l in ‘‘bo’’
turn auto ik off

and then it says to move the leg.l and it should move the hole armature along and it dont.

what im i doing wrong ?


Maybe not intentionally :wink:

As I said though, either :

  • go into weight paint mode and verify that the mesh is all Blue

  • go into weight paint mode and click SH-LMB over the mesh to see if it has been assigned to a bone


  • switch the mesh into edit mode and deselect all the verts, then choose each vertex group, press Select to see which vertices have been assigned to that group, deselect all the verts then check the next group.

If you still can’t figure it out ,if you post the .blend file file, I’ll take a look at it. ( is a nice free site if you need a site).


hi , thanx , th e vertex issue is solved but , the one that worries me is that when i move the leg.l the hole armature dont move along as it says in the tutorial so i cant continue the tutorial.

i’ll post this in the bsod character aniamtion forum.