Character Animation

I’m making a couple of short animations but the audio isn’t ready yet so I’m just practising with a random audio clip for now. Any feedback or crits greatly appreciated as I can use what I learn when I start animating for realsies!

Thanks, hope you enjoy

looks pretty cool!
it’s a little stiff and looks like claymation at parts. but it also looks fun that way, so if that’s what you want then i wouldn’t worry too much about making it smoother. the rapid lip action gives it that feeling also.

a quick crit would be animate the eyeballs a little more (i like where he’s looking down at his hand, but having him look off to the side or up sometimes would help make them look a little less “dead”). also the shoulders look a little high and immovable, maybe dropping them a little when he puts his hands down would add some weight to the arms. and get the left arm involved a tiny bit if you could.

but this looks good so far, keep it up!

Thanks Jason, that’s really helpful. I wasn’t aiming for a stiff, claymation look, that’s probably more accidental :slight_smile: I’ll definitely try loosening the shoulders up a bit and using them more. Hopefully this rig I have will let me do that.

Nice test! Pretty much what Jason said, but the only thing that really bothers me is how flat his head looks on top.

Thanks Nick. Oh, I forgot to say, there’s going to be a story related reason why his head is so flat.

I’ve been playing around with the shoulders and reckon I can lower them in his default pose so will do that.

Ok then. Be sure to give me a nudge when your story is done so I can watch it :wink:

That sounds great. I will wait for the completion of your story. Well before you mix the sound into the animation just check it by making the practice of it. If everything goes in right direction then you can try for the next step.