Character Animation


I was responsible to do a project for my client, sadly I can’t finish it.

The only, and most important thing is to animate already created character’s (I also have mocap data).
And do rendering which is already setup.

Character need to walk in a Cathedral, a slow walk, some stops to see the building etc. Then the same in other camera angle, and last he must genuflect, and light a candle. I have storyboard, will send if You meet my expectations.

I can’t tell anything about salary, because You must negotiate it with my client. I give You all the files to finish the job.

Please send private message with work’s/portfolio in given topic. If You don’t have character animation’s please don’t bother Me.

Best Regards,

We can do it!

I’ve sent you pm :slight_smile:

My work in Blender if you like contact me

and this one also in BLENDER ( freestyle )

and lots more in my signature