Character Animator needed for single freelance project - pay starting at $2k, character reels only!

Hey there! My name is Joel Gerlach and I’ve produced many mainstream Blender projects with a small and dedicated team of artists. We’re starting a new project for the Oregon Treasury Department and are looking to add a freelance Blender animator to our team.

The project will start towards the end of December and continue into January, with a likely work term around 3-4 weeks total. The pay will start around $2,000USD and max at $3500, depending on both the animator’s skill and final term length. A 30% deposit will be paid up-front and the remaining 70% will be paid at the project’s end. Any additional work beyond the term will be billed hourly.

This particular project will be using the female character & rig from this video, but will also include animating little origami butterflies, so make sure you have at least some solid character work in your reel with organic animation a plus! You will be animating off of 2D reference animatics provided by our animation director.

We usually do about 4-5 Blender projects per year, so although this particular post is for a single project, I’m always looking to grow the team and bring people on board on a more permanent basis! Our executive team is based in Oregon, but our 3D production team includes people from around the world, all working together via Slack, Google Drive, and some serious Blender Asset Linking!

If this project sounds like a good fit for you, please get in touch via a threaded response, PM, or email me at [email protected] and include a link to your reel and a resume if you have it. Submissions without a reel will not be considered. We will conduct a Phone/Skype interview with each prospective applicant, so if you don’t hear back from us, we haven’t selected you for this project! Please ensure that you will have no conflicting projects during the work term as we work on tight deadlines and can’t delay our early Feb. delivery date!

Any questions, let me know. Thanks so much!
-Joel Gerlach


Interested in your project.I will send works on e-mail

Hey everyone!

Quick update: We’ve just hired an animator on this project and so we won’t be needing any other applicants for this particular project.

HOWEVER: Please send me an email anyway! As I mentioned before, we’ve got several projects like these in the mix, so we’re always open to building our freelance network with talented artists such as yourself!

Thanks everyone for your applications! We appreciate it.

-Joel (and the CM team)

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I replied this first, back when you posted some weeks ago. But didn´t get a single word replied on email.
I´m glad you found someone on this talent pool. :slight_smile: