Character animators needed

Hi All,

I’m looking for an animator or two to help on a project I’m working on. I had planned on doing all of the animation myself but the timeline isn’t making that possible.

My budget is pretty low, so I’m looking for advancing animators who could use some experience and can work with only modest remuneration.

The style will be toony, but limited, with only very simple facial controls and a rubber-hosey pose-to pose approach. Think a simplified, much less-frenetic Pocoyo style

Work can start next week, and if all goes well could be a nice ongoing side project for a couple of months if that suits. If anyone is interested or would like more info, please PM me, or post below.

All the best!


I can help. Please get in touch with me over email [email protected] to discuss this further in detail. Or skype me: live:amanda_17153


Good day.
I am Yaroslav Kopin from the studio
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Hello I am a freelance 3D artist and can do your work easily. Can provide samples if necessary, please contact me to start your project. Am able to start project immediately.

Hi niceboy,

Thanks for reaching out! I’d love to see some of your animation samples if possible. I’m busy seeing if I can get a team together still on a slender budget. Would you mind sharing via email? My address is [email protected].



Hi my name’s Mike,

I have a lot of experience character animating, as shown in my most recent showreel:

Let me know what you think. I would love to be involved.



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