character: armoured soldier

hey man, I wouldn’t usually recommend this, but,…a lens flare might look nice. killer modelling and good concept.

Excellent work. Put a small signature on it so it looks finished. :wink:

That thing looks amazing!!! I DO, however spot a HUGE Achilles Heel in that armor. Is there anything to cover his head? :wink:

cool! i’d like to see some more detail though. (wear on the edges of the armour, etc.). totally reminds me of a Starcraft Marine

keep it up!

damn! you stole what i wanted to say…StarCraft…
you do need a simbol on his shoulder and glass head cover
very good lighting and camera angle (the things that i usually suck at

Not bad. The metal could use a little less specular and a higher res texture, but that’s all I would recommend.

A little bit of side light for the face would be nice too.


can’t remember the artists name…hold on… no cant find it
this is inspired by a well known artist no? always thought it look like a warhammer40k marine

good so far, maybe a little light on the right side of the face, not much just enough so its not black

EDIT; not the artist i was thinking of…maybe a link to your reference image to help with crits?

I believe you are referring to this picture (CGTalk thread):

I love it. How have you made the texture (I’a a little newbie, so).

thats the one, ya know who did it?

It was by .:STRIKE:., as can be seen by the name in the bottom right of the image. :wink:

I thought I recognized it too at first.


I would like it more highpoly or somehow sharper. I dont like the roundness.
But it’s a well done image anyway. Good job. :stuck_out_tongue:

Traitor, you are a traitor! Copying somebody else’s work. :<

WOW…ALthough not nearly as detailed as the “original”, It has so much more emotion. :o

I agree, it’s got fewer fine details, but I actually like the feeling of it a lot more than the inspiration.

I don’t have a problem copying others ideas as long as you give props to the original artist and let the community know it’s a knockoff. Just don’t claim it as your own original idea. That’s kind of shady.


:o :o :o :o :o :o :o

Never seen something like this!
Amazing job!

:o :o :o :o :o :o :o


crap, i totally missed my cut and paste that i had set op for my first post, which is why theres no text in it…


here it is (what i can remember)

done in blender 2.34, rendered in 2 passes, one with the shadows (raytraced) and one with the glowy lights behind the soldier. i then combined them in photoshop, using lighten and duplicating the glowing lights with a blurred one to make it glow better.

the picture, is of course, as you all pointed out inspired by :STRIKE:'s fantastic render posted on CGtalk. it started as a very quick model (as you can see :expressionless: ) and i wanted to convey something similar, but with a little more emotion. who would of thought you could show more by showing less?

thank you all for you crits, i deeply apologize for missing that at the first post, it would have saved a lot of embarrassment!



thanks BgDM, i looked in the corner how’d i miss it??.. ah well should wear my glasses… :wink:

still think its a bit too dark on the right of the face…but thats just my opinion…

i didnt mean to make it seem that traitor was stealing someone elses concept…just knew id seen it before, sorry about that.