Character artist for Gladiator Scene - February Portfolio project

I got heavily inspired by a recent cinematic video, and would love to make a massive gladiator arena for February, as a part of my monthly project program.
All though that video inspired me, i dont intend to use anything from league as a reference.

So in case anyone would like to collaborate, feel free to ding me.

What im looking for is a character artist to make a gladiator, and maybe some spartan generic characters to fill the battlefield. Im making the arena regardless, and i’ll be starting in February.

Im not planning on taking this any further than a simple portfolio piece, and im not allowing you to use my renders. I’ll send you the project file, with the arena, textures and lighting, then its all up to you what you do with it.
All i expect in return is a Character model, Textures, and a Rig.

If you dont know how to rig, then i’d prefer if you found someone to work with you to do the rigging, cause i aint doing any of that :wink:

Simply searching “Gladiator arena” will give you a good idea of what i intend to create.

Im working with a group now, sorry. By the way, we prefer if people dont reply to threads that are this old.