Character Artist


I am looking to hire a blender artist to build a character that we will be animating with real-time facial mocap.

We have a basis for the design however I think there might be various avenues for the process. I have seen people starting in metahuman and then exporting to 3d program to modify it or perhaps using character designer or just from scratch in blender.

The character will be created and then exported for use in UE4. Then facial motion capture data will be applied to it and it will be used live or rendered for other content.

I think this requires someone experienced with creating characters that are intended to end up in some kind of engine. Ideally UE.

This character will be the spokesperson for a new platform that we are developing so plenty of potential eposure.

I am hoping to get somebody started this week. The payment is negotiable based on experience and could be by project or a daily rate I would say C$300-600 a day depending on method and experience.

We are a film production company based in LA with offices in Canada.


Ian D.


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