Character artists, how do you label your character's right and left?

Here’s a fun little question for Character Artists out there;

If you were to label your character’s Right and Left,
Do you base them on your character’s hand side like this:

Do you base them on your own hand side when facing the monitor like this:

I personally use the first one (the correct one, JK :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) for my characters.

So, which one do you use?

Hi, i always name the character’s right hand as right.

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very good!

I’m not a character artist in specific, but I label left and right always from the model’s point of view. Anything other might change according to where in the scene the model is located; which way it faces the camera.

This is why boats and planes use port and starboard instead of left and right. :wink:


Which arm would you raise if i ask you to raise your left arm ? Would there any difference if i’m in front of you, behind you or on the left or right side ? Or if i would talk to you over some speakers from outside of the room?


A fun answer to the fun question could be: i name them .L and .TOL.Left and .TheOtherLeft… or .RightOrFalseLeft… abbreviated .ROFL


(But we also get into problems if the character has more then two arms…)

By the way: you can lower your arm now… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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I name each part of model from model point of view

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well that wasn’t really the point of the question but whatever… i guess

In edit mode, I use Armature > Names menu to use Auto-Name operators.

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So this was serious ??

“fun” as in “it’s a simple question that only requires a simple answer maybe with a fun twist and clearly doesn’t need to go beyond the point for such simple question”

If you’re only looking for simple answers, this isn’t really a discussion, you could just make a poll :man_shrugging:t3: that aside, I agree with what’s already been said- left and right aren’t relative, they have to be a constant, especially in animation. Left and right hands is the only answer that works at a production level