Character attempt

I was doing a tut and messing around with subdivision surfaces, which led me down a path to a creature I don’t really know what to call yet.

Any tips would help, like the mouth, nostrils, eyes, etc.

I think for me its come out quite well so far, not the best character modeler. Usually try every few months and fail miserably.

I think the head is too big, but I could probably cut off the body and make it a fish. Or maybe give it a little bit of a torso.

Thanks in advance.

I’d also like to thank the maker of the tut that brought me this far, thanks for the inspiration.

I’m not so sure I like the creature itself… it looks a bit jagged. (and have you removed doubles? I think I see some seams…)

The texture, however, is kind of interesting… it reminds me of tinfoil…