Character: Base Model pretty much finished

This is a model I’ve been working on, I have pretty much finished the base model (just need to do a bit of tweaking here and there) with clothing and accessories to come later. Once I’ve finished the tweaks I’ll get onto making a rig.
This is my first go at making a full character (well, organic anyway, I’ve done some battlemechs) and I went for a slightly exaggerated look, kinda comic book style-ish. But I plan on trying to make this look realistic.

PS. As I’m not making nude shots or animated porn I didn’t model his man bits. And I realise it is better to model the arms out to the side but the background image had his arms like that and I just decided to go with that and tweak later :slight_smile:

C&C welcome :slight_smile:

wow great stuff, you really took your time with this one, and it really shows, nice detail and style

The man’s bottom looks a bit square like, round it out a little, and I know for a fact that’s not true nudity as it’s usually a basis for a human model. But if you’re going to model his manly parts put some underware on him before you show him off.

He didn’t model model the genitalia, and I don’t think he plans to…if you read his post.

The anatomy does need some work. He looks quite bow-legged, he’s got one set of abs too many, and the insertions of the muscles of the forearms are awkward.

very nice style, i think the join where the pecs meet the armpits is bad though, wont deform well at all…

Thanks, I’m still doing some tweaks (had done some after these renders but before I posted).

@ Wu: Cheers :slight_smile:

@ Kansas: I’m not entirely sure what you mean by too square, do you mean each ‘cheek’ is too square? Or the two together make it too square? I don’t quite understand what you mean by “and I know for a fact that’s not true nudity as it’s usually a basis for a human model. But if you’re going to model his manly parts put some underware on him before you show him off.”

Basically I’m trying to create a detailed model, but will be putting clothes and things on him later after he is all rigged up and textured. I didn’t bother with genitalia as that will always be covered. I’m not too concerned about his bum as that will be covered too, but I’ll tweak it more.

@ Rael: I’ll have another look at the legs, do you think it may be the large muscles that make the overall appearance of the leg a bit bow-legged? I’ll try and trim down the muscles on the inside of the leg a bit and see if that helps. Also he has the right amount of abs, it’s just the large ones at the bottom are not often seen. This is a reference picture I was looking at for muscles, but not the one I was using as a background image

@ Traitor: Thanks, that part has been bugging me for ages hehe. I’m still working on that, though I think I know how to get it to deform well.

The background images I built the model from were actually of a comic book character (not sure the name, he is all silver, had a couple of tubes going over his shoulders or something) as those were the best front and side images I was able to find of a muscular guy. I basically followed that drawing and have had to look at photos of body builders and things for references to tweak the model to make it look more realistic.

Something that really suprised me though was back muscles. I looked at a bunch of different pictures of body builders’ backs and the difference between them can be considerable. I thought that since the muscles were layed out the same they would all look pretty similar when highly developed, hehe I was quite wrong.

I’ll keep tweaking, all in all I’m aiming for a sort of exaggerated realism kinda like in this picture:

A fantasy fan, eh?
Maybe u like RPGs too?

Come to think of it it does look wierd, I don’t think that’s how those muscles correctly go. (could tell from the lumps)

I think it looks odd because it is not normally seen, as you can’t really see it properly unless the muscles are very well developed. This photo shows them quite well and how they should look when animated:

And this page should show further how it should be when animated:

And yes, I do like some RPGs :slight_smile: Played Everquest for a few years too hehe.

Excellent work. I really should push myself into doing one of these sometime soon. :-?

As long as you solve the armpit problem mentioned before, this should be a very useful model to have around for repeated use in the future. Also, the face area might need some more definition, but that might become clearer once you begin texturing it.

Looking forward to updates.


It reminds me of a game. I think it was called Meltdown or something. It was for Xbox. Well your character looks like one of the baddies.
Great modeling by the way.
Keep it up.

:o The eyes scare me! Just kidding, I know you’re not done with him yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice model!

Thanks :slight_smile: I think I have fixed (or at least lessened) the possible armpit problem now, I’ve raised where the pectoral joins the arm and raised the top of the bicep. The face is more of a generic head I’ve made that is reasonably low detail, so I can use it (or try anyway) to make different heads later on just by tweaking this a little and adding more detail where I want. I’ll try to give it some more definition later, and see if I can do something with textures (I’ve never really done any texturing before…eep).

I’m currently working on the rig (just started learning how to do it a couple of days ago hehe) which I think is coming along well. At the moment though I’m trying to get the rotation constraint to work :confused: Like what I want to do is for the spine, to be able to rotate one end and have the series of bones each rotate consecutively. So if I rotate one end bone 90 degrees, the next will turn 60, the one after that 30 etc. But so far I haven’t been able to get it to work grrr. Any ideas? Hmm I’ll ask this in the Animation section too I think hehe.