character basic mesh modeling-help

i dont think this looks right,somethings off but i cant figure it out.
riven phenix tutorial.

i dont think this looks right,somethings off but i cant figure it out.
Maybe you should explain what you think is not wrong rather than us having to somehow get into your brain?
The only thing I can readily see that may be none obvious is the pivot point appears to not be at the centre of the selected vertices ? If so do you have a subdivision surface modifier on the object ? If you disable it is the pivot point correct ? In this case the pivot point is based on the real locations of the selected vertices

My bad,just doesnt look like its right for an arm. Also looks like I don’t have enough edge loops. I’m basically asking “is this the right way to make an arm and hand?” “are my edge loops correct for rigify?” My orgin is centered on the body,there is a sub surf and what do you mean by pivot point?

Look for human muscle image like this on the web for reference:

Use it as background image to fit your form around it. Look at your own arm to see how it function and identify muscle groups. Main problem with the hand is to reduce mesh flow from all the fingers. Try different method to do that. I usually try to reduce mesh density along the hand. So by wrist area, the mesh division matches arm mesh division.

“are my edge loops correct for rigify?”

As for loops, it helps to have three loops around bone joint. That makes blender Automatic weighing function to assign loops properly; middle loop by the joint is shared, each additional loop by the joint on each bone ends is assigned to closest bone end. Here is three-loop method that worked first time around:

Thanks! This will help out a lot!

is that a top view? looks like it.hands should be palm down it’s a more natural position for them.put your arm out palm forward and observe the amount you can rotate it in each direction.