character basic rig.

¨hi i am quite new to blender (about 2 years of using)
i have an abition to create very short animation.

But i am dealing with mess on with my work flow… i am trying to keep all things in .blend seperetly and importing them to animation scene by link/append.

–>Here<– is the creature with very basic rig.
Point is make a simple looking creature with few bones textured with 1 .png you know just keep it simple, but also nice for “cartoon”? just fantasy stail and crean and simple workflow

Can you have a look on it to tell me what i am doing wrong, because i am not able to work with it as i wish to.

Also the topology is wrong. i know that, but i dont know were to put the flow, so i just made it that “somehow it come true”.

…well i were thinking about a buying some lesions on topology or animation, question is “will it worth?” should i wait just a little while to to learn bit more on my own than buy it, or just quit that… thats are really depressing options…

so right now i am standing on a cross, waiting on your focus critique, than ill decide witch way go.
thank you for a time you’ll spend on this .blend

ps: attachmen .zip didnt work for me with slow internet connection. i used one of “trusted-by-me” servers.

You should be able to upload blend files directly into your post.

As for topology, just do a Google search on Human Topology and hit the images tab. You’ll get a lot of ideas from what others have done. It doesn’t need to have been done in Blender. The topology is the same regardless of the software used. You can also do searches on more specific areas like Arm Topology or Face Topology.

Here’s an entire series on topology…

Steve S