Character Breathing


I’m actually trying to make a stance for a character, i got the base pose like i want but i don’t how can i give it the kind of breathing effect that most games animations have ?

Thank you.

Not much to go on here as far as the rig, but if you have bones which affect the chest area (breast bones in the meta-rig - included in Blender add-ons), you can ad a couple key frames to scale these a bit. Then in the Graph Editor, add a Cycle modifier with Repeat Mirrored selected.

Ok, a few tips from the animation point of view.

First make sure you have a really good idle pose for your character. Remember the idle pose is the most important in a game, since every action starts from it, and it’s used to connect multiple actions. It should reflect the character’s personality and attitude. The character could be equipped or not with weapons or other props.

The for the idle cycle, it shouldn’t be very long. I would say 45 frames at maximum. Remember it’s a cycle so it should start and end in the same pose and be a seamless cycle. It is very important that you make sure that the cycle connects smoothly when you are animating it.

Once you have your initial pose, you need to think where the breathing cycle does start anatomically. Usually in video games they make the movement starts from the hips main control. So the hips would move up a bit and then you start moving the chest as the character breathes in. So the chest would go up a bit and rotate backwards and maybe be scaled up. Then the head and shoulders will follow, and then the arms will follow the shoulders, and the hands will follow the arms, and the fingers will follow the hands, etc. And for the breathe out you do the same but following the opposite movement.

Ok, there are many details to consider and it’s a bit hard to explain how to animate in words. And a good idle cycle is not such an easy thing to do anyways. That’s why animation is done by specialists. But I hope you get a general overview of it. Good luck.