Character: Brog

Started on my new character today, not much so fra, but it’s a start…

C&C welcome.


wow!! could I lend these ears from you :smiley: !

I could swear that I 've seen him before ;).

Looks good so far - the nose looks strange (the nostrils) and the earlaps don’t fit.

Blend on!

hey antiggo, very good head modeling, the modeling is very organically styled. like it’s suppose to be…

I do have some crits though,

– I lips are to thin and don’t have the right mass, not that u need to make
them bigger, but as they stand they look kindof like their tightly wrapped
around the teeth and jaw and as such The nostrils aren’t big enough for the
size of nose,

– There is a sharp line above the eye lid, smooth this out it doesn’t look real,
and the ear lobs are sticking to the head and don’t look, sound to shape.

but other then that, this is a great model, when your done you should submit it to the BF blender gallery, 8)

Looks good and not too many errors, but it could look a little rounder in the nose area.

Thanks for your comments! :smiley:

Yes, lips as well as other things mentioned need a lot of work.

I slowly started with the body:

C&C welcome.


<Antiggo> hey upgrdman
<Antiggo> check my new char out
<upgrdman> hey! nice work!
<Antiggo> thanks
<upgrdman> i assume the bumps etc are on-purpose, correct?
<Antiggo> reply in thread lol
<upgrdman> ok
<Antiggo> correct

:slight_smile: as commanded :slight_smile:

btw… nice work :slight_smile:

Added hands.


And the legs…


STOOPPPPP!!! You make me feel miserable… I work alot on my character and just ended work on the neck while you almost finished your creature in two days :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:
Anyway good job nice detail in the torso only the chest may need some refinement

har har! fear me! I finished his BODY!


:x Antiggo ewww! that is so yucky! dude…

:wink: well yeah he’s an ugly lil puker isn’t he, anyway progress look
good/fast, this is some great modeling talent there dude.

I’ll keep watching

Smeagol likes me precioussss! yeeeeesss GOLLUM GOLLUM!