Character camera too fat to fit

So, my character doesnt have a body, you know, just a little box with an empty for the top and the camera.

In play, it fits through the doors but gets stuck between a wall and an object. Even though I made the box smaller and in 3D view it fits through fine, in the GE it gets stuck.

If I turn radius down, then it cant go through the door, getting stuck at the bottom entrance.

Im not sure how to fix it. Does the camera have size? Can it stop you from fitting between things?

I didnt think so, but what do I know. Smile.

Thanks for the help, will post pics.

Will wait for the pics for better diagnosis, but:
are you using Sphere bounding mode? If so, the size of your actor object is indicated by the dotted sphere. You may want to consider using Convex Hull Polytope or other kinds of bounds.

Thanks. I tried that, but then was unable to move in any direction. I dont understand why changing the bounds would interfere with movement?

I was having some odd graphics problems, and closed blender and started over. When I tried again, I was able to fit in the space.

What I have noticed is that setting the speed to a lower speed of movement, gives more possibility to getting stuck.:spin:

So I dont know whats up, or why. Its just wierd.

I loaded the pic.


Will need blend to help.