Character - cartoony Cat

Hello there !
I’m a 3D animation student and I have to create by myself a short movie as an annual project. This WIP will be about the main character, which is a cartoony young cat.

My main “character design inspirations” are Sakamoto from Nichijou and Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service. Fort the “graphics & technical inspiration” (colors, lights, etc), it’s mainly the short movie Here’s the Plan, simple shapes and modelings with watercolor-like textures, contrasted lights and glares everywhere.
I also did some research by myself but by modeling I changend my mind a lot and I end up mixing several differents things again and again.

Here is my resulting references compilation board with pictures, drawings and even photos from my own cat.

On the one hand I want my model to be simple in order to avoid having too mutch things to animate (I’m supposed to give my short movie for April) (that’s why Sakamoto interested me with its ultra simple stick-like legs). But on the other hand I want to have some features as my short movie will be all about that character evolving in a room.

Here are some screenshots in Blender, I went trough several attempt (with some creepy and awfull ones).

I’ve already posted this on some other places and the main feedback is that I have to round it more but I feel like the more I round it the more he looks fat. But maybe I do it wrong.

I also have huge difficulties with the eyes. They always look creepy like halloween monsters and I just wipe them out as fast as possible. If someone have some magical trick for sculpting good loocking eyes, I would apreciate that.

Thanks for any feedback and advice. :slight_smile:

Update :

Now at least I have decent eyes. :slight_smile: