Character: clothing: modeling closely adhering accessories?

I’m modeling some suspenders/braces on my character, and kind of doing it the hard way: polygonal modeling of closely matching surfaces (iow: the braces to the shirt) in 3d. It’s a bit of a pain.

I’m sure my workflow is rubbish: what’s the recommended approach for such a task? I can see how this might be a general character modeling issue, what with straps, bags, belts and whatnot. I would like the braces to be raised off the shirt a bit, and in RL they don’t adhere like a decal to one’s shirt, but this is quite cartoonish, I’ll quit rambling…

Maybe this can help.

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I think the way you’re doing it is more or less right. I’d suggest adding a shrink wrap modifier, and using snapping to snap faces to the surface. You can also use the solidify modifier to give the clothing thickness.

Once you get a decent workflow going, modelling clothes is pretty quick (at a base level at-least…)

That’s the ticket! Thanks. :+1: